Friday, February 6, 2015

RGB Color

So, remember what we talked about in class on Friday: If you have ever had any art classes that explored color, then you may be most familiar with the traditional color wheel that looks like this:

However, that color wheel doesn't actually work in digital media.  Instead, we have what is called the RGB (red, green, blue) Color Wheel:

In RGB color, the primary colors are RED, GREEN, and BLUE.  The secondary colors are YELLOW (mixing red and green), CYAN (mixing green and blue) and MAGENTA (mixing blue and red).  Each color on the color wheel has a complementary color on the opposite side of the wheel:


Mixing the three primary colors or mixing any color with its compliment creates WHITE.  BLACK is the result of all three colors being absent.

Every photography is, therefore, made up of three channels; a red channel, a green channel, and a blue channel.  Each channel is made up of only one primary color and various blacks.  When all three channels are combined, the channels mix to create all of the various colors of the image.

So, to put it in mathematical terms:


All of this will be very important information as we begin editing images in color.

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